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Dr. Bielamowicz and Linda helping Luke feel better with acupuncture.

  My husband and I have chosen acupuncture for our 12-year old, 80-pound lab mix, "Luke," quite simply because it works. We would not do it otherwise. We have nothing against the traditional NSAID, and realize that when our old boy's hips and shoulders get really bad sometime in the future, the NSAID is probably what we'll be turning to. It's highly effective and fairly safe, especially in the short term.
However, in the meantime, if we can maintain Luke's mobility and comfort with acupuncture, that is what we happily choose! Here are some reasons why:
1. Prevention of Organ Damage - Luke is 12 years old.  He started showing hip pain a couple of years ago. We hope to have him around for another few years! Long-term use of NSAIDs can cause vomiting and diarrhea, stomach ulcers and liver damage. Even with regular, mandatory bloodwork to monitor any damage, we were afraid of actually shortening his life by stressing his organs with a daily NSAID.
2.  Cost - While the initial investment of time and money to get the acupuncture routine started was fairly high (we met with Dr. Bielamowicz once a week for four to six weeks), once we settled into Luke's current routine of once-every-two-weeks, the cost ended up being much less than a month's supply of Previcox or Rimadyl, plus the twice-yearly mandatory bloodwork. The treatment sessions are only $41, with no physical exam or office call fee. We spend $82 a month on acupuncture, where a month's supply of Previcox would be $146 and Rimadyl, $88, for a dog his size. And the entire appointment time usually lasts less than 30 minutes.

**If you want to try acupuncture with your dog for the first time, we urge you to hang in there! The once-weekly appointments will back off and your dog will show you how often he or she needs a treatment. It could be less often than what we've chosen for Luke!**
3. Pain Reduction - The proof is in the pup!! We see a marked difference in Luke's mobility and comfort after a treatment, especially during the week following the acupuncture. 
For example, when Luke is hurting, it takes him approximately 30 seconds to descend the dozen stairs from our upstairs where he sleeps, to the living room. He pauses at the top of the stairs and pauses on each step. After acupuncture, it takes him about 10 seconds to descend the stairs! 
When Luke is hurting, he lays on the floor and pants, incessantly! After acupuncture, he lays comfortably and breaths normally.
When Luke is hurting, he pushes himself up from a prone position with his front legs; pushing one by one, left foot then right foot; until his front end is high enough to allow his back end to stand up. After acupuncture, he stands up almost in one motion.
When Luke is hurting, we have to help him into the back seat of our car in order to drive to Harbor Road. After acupuncture (right in Harbor Road's parking lot), he jumps in the back seat all by himself.
Luke looks forward to his acupuncture treatments. He shows he enjoys it by getting up onto the exam table with absolutely no pushing or pulling or coaxing.

  We greatly appreciate the Thompsons taking the time to write about their experience with Luke and his acupuncture treatments. 

We would be happy to set up an appointment to determine whether acupuncture can help your pet.  Please call us at 354-0266.  

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